Abílio Faria


I’ve been Farimovel for more than 25 years.

I grew up with it, I know every nook and cranny, every person, every machine, every piece of wood ... and I live every project intensely, in the eagerness to create emotions, with complete dedication and professionalism.

Farimovel is a dynamic, innovative, cohesive company, proud of its history and a believer of its values. It is a company with 38 years of tradition, but with the modernity of who reinvents itself continuously.

I believe that success comes not only from the dynamic that every day Farimovel team brings to the market, following closely their clients, but mainly, for the passion for what we do and for the belief in the project that I represent. We work to win and it is this dynamic that makes us resilient and overcome the difficulties that arise daily.

Over the years, our dedication to the furniture sector has been based on strong and fundamental values such as quality, rigor, excellence and trust, with people as their main focus. We want to continue to learn and grow every day, not only in size, but also in values and respect for the consumer.

We are sensitive to change and we are ready to transform. Every day we search and discover our way, every day we open a new image and perspective for a prosperous and sustainable future!

“Together we are excellence !!”