Senses Collection

Exquisite details that breathe simplicity and sophistication, SENSES COLLECTION reflects a lifestyle ruled by innovation and modernity.


Is a contemporary line with a delicate touch where each piece shows its own identity through a combination of harmonic materials and soft colours.

Senses collection, creating emotions !! 

A collection that clearly marks the change in the history of Farimovel.

A contemporary line of home furnishings, light lines, different materials, different environments.

Possibility to furnish the whole house: bedrooms, dining and living rooms and decorative pieces.

Materials used –  Lacquer/ Ash/ Marble/ Metal/ Upholstered

Lacado 13
Lacado 14
Lacado 15
Lacado 16
Lacado 18
Lacado 19
Lacado 20
Lacado 26
Lacado 34
Lacado 35
Lacado 36
Lacado 37
Lacado 38
Lacado 39
Lacado 40
Lacado 47
Lacado 52
Lacado 53
Freixo 3
Freixo 4
Freixo 15
Freixo 17
Freixo 32
Freixo 33
Freixo 41
Freixo 42
Freixo 43
Freixo 44
Freixo 45
Freixo 46
Freixo 48
Freixo 49
Freixo 50
Freixo 51
Metal Antracit
Mármore Marron
Mármore Black

A unique and singular experience.

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